What if our children are far more capable than we ever imagined?  
What if children could share learning with each other in a tightly bound student-driven, peer-led community, with high standards of excellence, becoming convinced that they could change the world?

This is the magic of Acton Syracuse Workspace.

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According to Joseph Campbell "a Hero is someone who has given his or her life to something bigger than oneself." His theory of the Hero's Journey describes an archetypal series of adventures that every human yearns to experience to be something bigger and better. It describes daily life at Acton where learners prepare for challenges, opportunities, and adventures of the real world. Our goal as guides at Acton is to encourage each child to seek out their strengths, identify their weaknesses, their gifts and talents, and figure out how to use them to benefit themselves and the world around them. Their Hero’s Journey unfolds as they seek out these opportunities and answer their personal callings.

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We believe clear thinking leads to good decisions, good decisions lead to the right habits, the right habits forge strong character, and character determines destiny.
We believe every child is a genius who has unique talents and gifts that they can use to change the world. Through Socratic dialogue and hands-on, project-based learning, each member of the Acton community will begin a Hero’s journey; discover their precious gifts and find a calling in life; become curious, independent lifelong learners; embrace the foraging of a strong character; cherish the arts, the physical world, and the mysteries of life; and treasure economic, political, and religious freedom.

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We embrace learning to do and learning to be in our world, not just learning to learn. We cultivate critical thinking, design thinking, and decision making skills through Socratic discussions. Our learner-driven environment with peer-led, group-based projects, defined as Quests, are 4-6 weeks each, designed to deliver real-world experiences and produce real-world outcomes while applying all the essential core skills of learning. All the while our Guides are there to inspire, equip, and connect; encouraging skills of leadership, growth mindset, and teamwork. We learn and grow from our mistakes, understand true growth comes from grit and perseverance, and measure excellence by delivering our best work through hard work.
We are excited to announce our new gathering space for the 2020 - 2021 learning year will be in Jamesville, NY. We meet Tuesday-Thursday, from September through May, with regularly scheduled holiday breaks, core skills breaks, and winter and spring vacations.

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The Acton experience immerses one in real-life situations that allow them to build the social, emotional, and executive functioning skills needed to make a difference in our world. We guide to develop personal virtues and servant leadership qualities such as honesty, hard work, responsibility, kindness, and empathy.

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We are Todd and Julie Stady. A few years ago we felt our family was suffocating. Todd was working out of town most of the time and Julie was working full time as a Registered Nurse while trying to manage the home front as well. Everyday was a rush. Quality family time was being lost. Julie quit her job and began homeschooling to offer our children a more unique, personalized style of learning and to spend more time as a family, traveling with Todd for work as often as they could and taking school on the road. As our children began learning at their own pace, through play, projects, exploring their environment and cities traveled, we soon realized they were learning and thriving in a very non-traditional way.

Our family was whole again. But we longed for our children to experience something more. More community with leadership opportunities and shared learning experiences. Friends introduced us to the Acton philosophy and we knew it was the answer.

We believe our kids can change the world. We want to equip them with the tools to build and lead a meaningful life and encourage a love of lifelong learning. We are excited to offer them the Acton experience that will equip them to learn to be in this world.

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Interested in learning more? Do you think Acton Syracuse Workspace sounds like a great fit for your child? We'd love to connect with you!

Mailing address: P.O. Box 627 Manlius, NY 13104
Our workspace studio is located in Jamesville, NY 13078, USA

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